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Kidney Stone Risk Panel, Urine

CPT Code(s): 82507; 83945; 84560; 82340
Specimen Required: Patient Preparation:
Collect:24-hour urine. Refrigerate during collection.
Specimen Preparation:Transport four separate 4 mL aliquots from a well-mixed 24-hour urine collection using Calculi Risk/Supersaturation Urine Collection Kit (RDL supply# 46007). Available online through eSupply using RDL Connectâ„¢ or contact Client Services at (888) 431-7474. Aliquot according to the following specifications:1st aliquot (pH 2): Transfer 4 mL urine into a Sulfamic Acid Tube. (Min: 4 mL) Mix well.2nd aliquot (pH 2): Transfer 4 mL urine into a Sulfamic Acid Tube. (Min: 4 mL) Mix well.3rd aliquot (pH 9): Transfer 4 mL urine into a Sodium Carbonate Tube. (Min: 4 mL) Mix well.4th aliquot: Transfer 4 mL urine into an Unpreserved Tube. (Min: 4 mL) Freeze specimens immediately after aliquoting. Do not exceed 4 mL in tubes.Additional information required: Record total volume and collection time on tube and test request form.
Storage/Transport Temperature:Frozen.
Stability:Ambient: Unacceptable; Refrigerated: 96 hours (after collection is complete); Frozen: 3 weeks
New York DOH Approval Status: This test is New York DOH approved.
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